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Beyond High Quality – Natural Attitude Advanced Spagyrex™ Formulations

Utilizing highly superior ingredients, unique formulations, and processing our groundbreaking supplements through a rare Spagyrex™ process, Natural Attitude is the result of natural health juggernauts coming together to simply create the best products that are available. Launching with certified organic turmeric exclusively sold via Mike Adams’, Natural Attitude consists of internationally recognized natural health leaders Dr. Edward F. Group III of Global Healing Center and Anthony Gucciardi of NaturalSociety.

An unprecedented endeavor within the natural and alternative health community, Dr. Group and Anthony Gucciardi have teamed up with Mike Adams the Health Ranger to deliver the highest quality products that are always:

  • Free of GMOs
  • 100% Vegan
  • Free of Harmful Additives
  • 100% Kosher
  • Alcohol Free
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Made in the USA
  • Contain organic ingredients

Natural Attitude formulations have been highly recommended by natural health titans who review hundreds (if not thousands) of products both privately and public on their respective websites. One of the most notoriously-tough reviewer of natural health items is Mike Adams the Health Ranger. Mike routinely rejects products to be advertised on his website or sold in his store, requiring that he personally test out any given product before selling it to the public. In a statement regarding Natural Attitude’s new liquid turmeric, Mike said:

mike adams health ranger quote

Behind the Spagyrex™ Process and What it Means For You

Our Spagyrex process was created throughout a 10 year journey in which co-founder (and CEO of Global Healing Center) Dr. Group sought out to develop the most powerful herbal tinctures on the entire planet. The tinctures had to be of the highest quality, absolutely free of any dangerous substances, and meet a rigorous checklist established by the entire Natural Attitude team. Interestingly, part of this deep research involved examining the practices of a 16th century healer and scientist known as Paracelsus.

What Paracelsus was known for is developing a ‘renaissance’ method that actually takes a preparation of herbs and processes them into a fully consumable health extract. Paracelsus would actually create what is known as an ‘elixir’ through separating (extracting) the actual herb components and then recombining them through special means. To name his technique, he combined two root words (‘spao’ to extract and ‘ageiro’ to combine) together to create the term Spagyria.

Taking Paracelsus’ powerful Spagyria method and utilizing advanced alchemical and spagyry-based processes, Natural Attitude has created what is now known as the  Spagyrex™ process.

Integrating this  Spagyrex™ process into our tinctures like turmeric extract and future formulations, the result is in  a line of unparalleled products founded on the ancient wisdom and reinterpreted in the light of modern day science. To break down the specifics of the Spagyrex™ process, here is a brief breakdown of our technique:

  • Step 1: Our certified organic herb of choice is grown under high quality organic conditions in order to maximize quality and potency.
  • Step 2: After harvesting, the organic herb is carefully dried using very low heat and humidity to a specific  residual moisture percentage, ensuring that the raw botanical can be properly processed in the upcoming liquid phase.
  • Step 3: The choice organic herb goes through a sustained low impact (cold) processing technique that takes anywhere between 10 and 60 days. This step is essential as it preserves the plant’s beneficial components, such as enzyme activity, vitamins and co-factors, fragile essential oil complexes, and subtle energetic signatures.
  • Step 4: It is now time to perform the ‘super-critical’ extraction (separation) that is key to the entire process. This step captures essential aromatic components, lipids, high density polysaccharides, and other important constituents. All substances are captured in their synergistic ratio-intact state.
  • Step 5: This step concentrates and clarifies the trace compounds and bitter elements that are the hardest to extract from the plant’s cellulose matrix.
  • Step 6: Called the ‘marc’, the finished and expended herb material is dissipated so that virtually all that remains is the residue of the carbon-linked cellulose fiber. As a result, major minerals, trace minerals, primary, secondary and  tertiary constituents, enzymes, and other co-factors are now infused into the tincture.
  • Step 7: Following the completion of the previous 6 essential steps, the liquid and energetic components derived from previous preparation are combined to create what is known as a Harmonious Organic Supercharged Tincture (HOST).

The Spagyrex™ process is also 100% alcohol free, as the Spagyrex™ tinctures are not made or extracted using alcohol like most tinctures on the market. In addition, our herbs are extracted and made using USP Kosher-Certified glycerin. In comparison, many glycerin-based formulas are actually extracted using alcohol. Extracting and preserving herbs in alcohol can have a denaturing effect and destroy many of the herb’s vital compounds.

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